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“It’s important to be outspoken and involved with what’s going on in our country—to make a difference in any way that we can,” she says. “I would go for the big job,” says Callingbull, laughing.

“If I get into politics, I would want to be prime minister.

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Gia Marie Carangi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1960.

and even if I wasn't, she could shake me off and anyone elseat the drop of a hat. It's pretty awful-I emailed him once to ask him about "Rochelle" and he told me thetruth about what she had and that she had died but at the time the book came outor was coming out she didn't want people to know she was dying of AIDS. Maybe it was the fact that she found afellow drug addict and that is very powerful and influential. Gia introduced us and I coud see he just didn't like me.

She called out former prime minister Stephen Harper and asked his successor, Justin Trudeau, to be accountable for the promises he made during the election.

“I lived in fear when I was a child, and I just don’t want to live like that anymore,” she says. I speak the truth for people who can’t be heard.” Politicians aren’t the only ones she’s speaking to.

The beautiful Gia was an "out" lesbian in a time when not very many people lived comfortably out of the closet as openly gay men and women.

Gia loved woman and has been referred to by women she was close to as having the persona of a cute boy.


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