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The pen pal network serves as a vital source of support for incarcerated women who believe they’ve suffered from postpartum mental illness.

The majority of the penpal members believe they experienced postpartum psychosis, and many are serving sentences for committing infanticide.

The Pen Pal Network is also working to gather information on legal cases involving postpartum mental illness in hopes of creating a clearinghouse of information to help women, families, and lawyers facing such cases.

If you know of any, and especially if you’ve been involved in one, please contact the office and help us build our resource list.

The best book that Female Inmates Age 21 - 25 Hi everyone.

I’m a lonely girl looking for men to write to keep my mind occupied. I realize I made a mistake but I want to be positive about the future. Please take a chance and write to me I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The newsletters help those members to connect, heal and keep in touch with mothers who have experienced similar tragedies, even if they can’t do it directly.

For more information, or to join the network email Corinne Reilly at [email protected]

The most popular being that of a male inmate bending down in the shower to pick up the soap.Some women in the network also correspond with one another directly.Others live in facilities that don’t allow them to send and receive mail from other inmates.As a former prison officer that has worked in both a male and female prison I have a few views on this report.Firstly, I am not sure how accurate these studies ever are.“It can be a lot of fun communicating with these inmates. Arlen Bischke, who set up the site in 1988, does not recommend using the site to land a serious relationship.


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