Furthermore, the authors use re-scaled correlation coefficients and -values which artificially inflate the strength of the relationship between tree-ring series that are being statistically crossdated.

Using the exact same tree-ring data, but using accepted techniques in statistical crossdating (e.g., the removal of all low-frequency trends and autocorrelation), we could not verify the revised dating of the “Messiah” violin.

Marine isotope stages (MIS), marine oxygen-isotope stages, or oxygen isotope stages (OIS), are alternating warm and cool periods in the Earth's paleoclimate, deduced from oxygen isotope data reflecting changes in temperature derived from data from deep sea core samples.PSG’s shares cratered 66 percent on the March 8 news, to .90. Roustan had first hired Grant Thornton to take a survey of PSG’s customers.PSG persuaded Grant Thornton not to release those findings, including a question about misdating earnings, to Roustan.Raw measurement data with original trends are used in their statistical crossdating, properties previously shown to hinder precise crossdating.They then substantiate their re-dating with polynomial trend curves, which has ever been accepted practice in dendrochronology.The published Nazareth literature demonstrates a predictable trait found particularly among Catholic scholars, namely, both the forward– and backdating of evidence to the centuries immediately preceding the first Jewish Revolt (66–73 CE). The existence of this hiatus is carefully substantiated in my book, The Myth of Nazareth.


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