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Sexually transmitted disease rates have reached outbreak levels in many parts of the country, and some health officials are pointing the finger of blame at the use of dating apps and websites. This week, Alberta Health Service reported that the number of gonorrhea cases in the province in 2015 was up 80 per cent over 2014.There have also already been 1,100 cases reported so far this year.

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(i Stock) Contrary to some reports, most Canadian university students tell researchers they are happy with their sex lives.

¹After carefully analyzing the results of the survey, we've determined the top five first date faux pas for Canadian singles – along with five things you didn't know were stopping you from scoring a second date!

Most singles are aware of the typical dating commandments: the first date advice that ensures things run smoothly. Our latest survey asked 1,000 Canadians for their biggest first date deal-breakers – and the answers were quite surprising!

The survey piggybacked on a regular marketing survey they did for Trojan in December.

Alex Mc Kay, SIECCAN's research coordinator, presented some of the study's findings at the annual Guelph Sexuality Conference at the University of Guelph on June 7.


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