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This isn't a silver bullet - inspectdb only works with three database backends and has varying support for particular field types and for foreign keys.An implementation of schema evolution for the Django web framework.Hi there guys and we're here to talk about migrations today. Just in case add some field to your django model like bollean or text and/or edit your existing field rather by adding 'null=True' for e.g.

For now go get yourself this tool and learn to use it. For details on how to use Django Evolution, read the tutorial/instructions contained in docs/Most new Django projects may also want to take a look at South ( or the features built into Django 1.7.When you run ./syncdb, Django will look for any new models that have been defined, and add a database table to represent those new models.However, if you make a change to an existing model, ./syncdb will not make any changes to the database. Django Evolution is an extension to Django that allows you to track changes in your models over time, and to update the database to reflect those changes. The interface and usage of Django Evolution is subject to change as we finess the details.First time I've decided to make myself a simple app. Use command to add south migrations ability to your new app.


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