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He has a flair for befriending eccentric outcasts, while cutting a swathe through village fêtes.Flashman Chosen by Terry Pratchett (the Discworld series)Harry Flashman, that fictional reprobate - wenching and dodging his way through the major military engagements of the 19th century - is funnier, more honest and certainly less harmful than many of the real brave fools whose paths he double-crosses. Pip Chosen by Tim Lott (White City Blue)Philip Pirrip (Pip), of , gripped me at the earliest age.To celebrate World Book Day, we asked the leading lights of British letters to name the characters who give them the greatest reading pleasure. Interviews by Julia Stuart William Brown Chosen by Barbara Trapido (The Travelling Horn Player)William is a child rebel in stifling suburbia.His instincts are against social climbing, pseudo-intellectualism and the humdrum.Characterisation in Drama In performance an actor has less time to characterise and so can risk the character coming across as underdeveloped.The great realists of dramaturgy have relied heavily on implicit characterisation which occupy the main body of their character driven plays.Let's say that your central character's wife confesses to him in the opening chapter that she has been having an affair...You won't know the answers to any of these questions because you really don't know who the character is.

Eager and ambitious for the poisonous Pip, Joe is humble and self-effacing. Miss Havisham Chosen by John Burnside (The Good Neighbour)There's nothing more attractive in a character than unshakeable obsession.

English 250 Fiction Unit: Characterization 1 — Character Development 250 • Fiction • Characterization 1 Lit Analysis Character development A well-developed character is one that has been thoroughly characterised, with many traits shown in the narrative. Leavis, Leo Tolstoy was the creator of some of the most complex and psychologically believable characters in fiction.

The better the audience knows the character, the better the character development. In contrast, an underdeveloped character is considered flat or stereotypical.

When his father got his act together and tried to rein in his son, one of Wade's friends shot and killed him.

However, he told a writer that his father was a teller of bad jokes who abandoned him and his mother while he was a boy.


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